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Work at Home Secrets and Scams

I am starting to live the ‘Laptop Lifestyle’ dream and very excited to say I came across this incredible Digital Book (which is helping me reach my dream even faster) called ‘Work At Home Secrets & Scams’ and endorsed by Chris Hansen, Chris is a huge public figure for exposing scams, especially on the internet. Chris is also an American television journalist and YouTube personality.

Click on the photo below to watch the introductory video on how Chris Hansen interviews online scam victims and ex online scammers, Chris also chats to Online Entrepreneur Millionaire John (who wrote this book) :

My passion is surfing & travel and being able to pick up my bags and hit the road for the next adventure has driven me like no other but the only way for this to work is to work from home and live the laptop lifestyle.

I have been on this ‘laptop lifestyle’ quest for a few years now & trust me when I say I have paid my school fees and let me also tell you it hasn’t been easy because of the vast amount of ‘chance takers’ to make a quick buck and scams on the internet but the great news is the foundation work is starting to pay off and I and moving up the Online Entrepreneur ranks, so to speak.

This workbook really excited me for 3 obvious reasons:

1) Legitimate work from home opportunities

2) Avoiding Scams on the internet.

3) The book is $39/m but they offer a $1 trial (and yes I have purchased my copy, love it so much I decided to tell the world via this blog)

Permission to contact me

If you would like to ask me any questions regarding this book or anything related to starting with the online entrepreneurship journey you can:

  1. Email: thelifestylebuz@gmail.com
  2. Whatsapp: +27 81 486 1843

Signing off… Barry Dean

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