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What is The Lifestyle Buz?

The Lifestyle Buz brings Business Owners and Lifestylers together in South Africa through Blogs and trendy Facebook and Instagram accounts. As The Lifestyle Buz founder, being an avid sportsman myself, I know how much the passion for a sport changes your life in many ways. So I decided to launch The Lifestyle Buz to write blogs and do mini interviews for Business Owners and Sportsman.

BARRY DEAN DELPORT The Lifestyle Buz Founder | Lead Generation Strategist | Swimming Instructor | Provincial Surfer | Surf Coach | Animal Lover

My Background…

I was born and raised in a small city called East London, South Africa. Wasn’t luxurious by no means but we had a loving upbringing, two awesome parents and two awesome siblings 🙂

I was always a competitive sportsman and always played the traditional school sports. When I started High School, I came across interesting individuals. They were cool, calm and collective. They were surfers!! Although I was competitive I was also a very relaxed dude. So this surfing bunch intrigued me… A month or 2 later I had a surfboard and the bug had bitten!

It’s like the mafia. Once you’re in – your in. There’s no getting out.

Kelly Slater

I matriculated in 1994. This was an interesting and positive time for all South Africans alike as the evil apartheid days were over.

At this stage I was in full throttle surfing mode and my dream was to travel the world and to surf all the destinations I had watched my heroes surf in videos in my teens.

My plans to finally leave South African soil and become a surfing jet setter were in my grasp, but was interrupted when I became very ill…. 1996 was a dreadful year for my family and myself as I was the victim of the dreaded Encephalitis virus. Long story short, I ended up in hospital for 3 months, induced coma for 2 weeks and out of action for a year recovering from this crippling virus. Although I was very ill, I do count my blessings and thank the Lord that I came out 100%. Many cases of brain damage, some become cripple or even die from encephalitis.

After 2 years of recovery, I finally jetted off in April 1998. First stop, the UK where I started my 5 year travel adventure. I surfed destinations I only dreamed of like Pipeline in Hawaii, Boat trips and Islands of Indonesia, Fiji, Raglan in New Zealand, East Coast of Australia and a few SA trips in-between to visit the family.

Barry Dean Delport – South Africa

2002 | Moved back to South Africa

2002 I headed back to SA and moved to Port Elizabeth and opened a “Learn to surf” Surf School. At that stage there very few Surf Schools in SA, which was already a big industry in Australia at that stage.

Surf School started growing and a good mate of mine Scotty (Scott Whitaker) had just arrived back in town from OZ, we became partners in this awesome little business and we named it Liquid Dreams Surf School. Before we knew it we had kids of all walks of life joining our learn to surf program.

Learn to Surf at Crawfords Beach Lodge- Barry Dean Delport


Here we are in 2019 and still absolutely loving the life the Lord blessed me with. Although I have had quite a big setback and haven’t been able to surf as much as I’d like to due to a past surfing injury to my ankle that keeps flaring up. None the less as we speak, I am trying to strengthen my ankle so when I can and hopefully be back in the water full time again soon 🙂

What I do for a living…

I live the Laptop Lifestyle, and thanks to an amazing business I am apart of with a brilliant support team it allows me to have more spare time to do the things I love like go surfing. We looking for distributors in this credible global venture. The business is all done on Social Media so there is no cold calling and begging people to buy your product, if you are a passionate sports fanatic your lifestyle will attract customers. For more information you can whatsapp me directly on: 0814861843 ‘Never underestimate the power of passion’

Social Media Lead Generation Specialist at Barry Dean Marketing: I create highly targeted Lead Generation Adverts for your Business.

EAST LONDON: Swimming Instructor at Barracuda Swim School


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Lifestyle Pics….

Coffee Bay, South Africa – Barry Dean Delport
My gorgeous girlfriend Charmaine….
Riley the surf star – Holiday at Crawfords Beach Lodge

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My passion is surfing and I am a business owner. With these two passions, I started a blogging site whereby I do mini-interviews and blogs on sportsmen and business owners.

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